A chat with Hannes & Fritz

A chat with Hannes & Fritz

Who are Hannes & Fritz?

Hannes & Fritz is the collaborative Design Studio of Johannes Breuer and Fritz Gräber. Working across two cities – Fritz in Zürich and Johannes in Stuttgart – they develop furniture, lights and objects for international brands such as HAY, New Works or Vero. Since getting to know each other during their Master studies at ECAL, Lausanne, their work is built around a deep respect for material and production techniques and to create objects that contain an innate longevity through both their physical and visual attributes.

What does inspire you?

When it comes to our work, we are inspired by a multitude of factors and it is different for each project.
Sometimes the process of inspiration is pushed aside by the very real and urgent need for something utilitarian that serves a very specific purpose. In the case of the Weekday Bench for HAY the Design was derived from a rough bench that was improvised & built for a dinner with many friends in a small apartment with only two chairs. In other cases, we are inspired by a certain materials inherent properties and qualities – both technically and visually speaking. We are always – in every project – very interested in production-processes, clever connections between parts, new ways of constructing objects and we always strive to make things as long-lasting as possible – both physically and visually.  Many times, cultural reference points can initiate a certain process of re-contextualization since we always try to create things that possess some roots outside of their own universe. So finding relevant references and digesting them into something new is something the Hongkong collection would be a great example for. 

Johannes lives in Stuttgart while Fritz lives in Zurich, what is it like for you to work between two different cities? 

Much time spent talking on the phone and regular meetings to build prototypes, take pictures, talk strategy etc. Additionally, we also travel frequently to mutual appointments and use that time together wisely. 

What is   your biggest passion, beside design? 

H: One my the biggest joys is cooking and hosting friends & family. Other notable fields of interest include Music, Arts, Literature, Skiing, Hiking, Fishing etc.

F: It feels like being a designer is like loving many things, we are generalists, we love to explore anything, everything. My life is filled with understanding how things work. From repairing old motorbikes to experimenting while cooking new things to building shelters in the Swiss alps for night overs with friends.

Why did you choose to work with Vero?

We were both very intrigued by the whole vibe that Vero radiates; especially during Milano Design Week in 2023. We found a well-curated blend of daring Avantgarde and bold simplicity. Adding the fact that Vero is strictly Made in Italy and has it’s own impressive production-facilities and a growing Network of Skilled partners results in an extremely attractive mix for us and we wish to have a long and successful collaboration with Vero.

A chat with Hannes & Fritz