Vero creates furniture and objects that arise from Italian know-how with the aim of transforming homes into contemporary places.

Vero does it with timeless, simple and honest products that become the manifesto of an informal and real community of people that aim for a positive future.

Vero wants to contribute to a new era of Italian design, reinventing local know-how with an international approach.

What is Vero?

Italian design company Vero transforms everyday environments into contemporary places, with simplicity, honesty and timelessness. Vero products look beyond their functionality to interpret a new philosophy that believes in design as a promoter of contemporary values. Thanks to the combination of the Italian savoir-faire and the creativity of designers operating from all over the world, Vero offers both novelties and experimentation. Vero is the spokesperson for a new era of Italian design: for those who consider inclusiveness and transparency essential values to be integrated into everyday products. The name refers precisely to this concept of truth (Vero means True in Italian), solidity and availability that is found in the aesthetics of the products, in the selected raw materials and in the selling methods. Small families of ready-to-order furnishings and objects that arise by intercepting the interests, needs and desires of the community by proposing a real and tangible offer, according to a launch model by drop. Vero thus lls the gap between mass-distribution products and niche design, furnishing everyday spaces with a modern and personal feel to those who are eager for concreteness.

Pasquale Apollonio

Creative Direction:
Simona Flacco and Riccardo Crenna

Press Office:
GC agency - Giulia Castelli

Brand Manager:
Mattia Caprifico

Graphic Design & Brand Identity:
Studio Temp

Communication Advisor:
simple flair


Vero draws from an all-Italian basin of technique and manufacturing, based in Galatina in the heart of Puglia, to achieve long-term sustainability and thus progressive and healthy growth. The production company, led by Pasquale Apollonio, guarantees high quality standards and makes it possible to create complex products with technical characteristics at the level of collectible items. Thanks to its production site with a decades-long history, the network of local suppliers and efficient logistics management, Vero reduces delivery times for products purchased online to under 2 weeks. The production takes place in highly specialized workshops that keep centenary local expertise lent to the realization of visionary projects in di erent materials. Starting from an Italian Apulian production, Vero looks to the local as a bridge to reach and build an international future that allows to export this simple made in Italy design. The vision is to maintain a conscious and rooted production in Italy, the land of craftsmanship, speaking to more communities of real people around the world.

Creative Direction

Vero talks about a new era of Italian design that expresses its values through alternative stylistic and production models. Simona Flacco and Riccardo Crenna, conceive and manage an innovative reality that aims to represent a sector need: to create a brand that listens to and represents a community with shared values. Flacco and Crenna - promoters of digital, simple and effective communication at the service of companies wishing to renew themselves and experiment in the contemporary world by making careful use of social media, content and events - think of Vero as an incubator of talents, a place for establishing a dialogue between all the interlocutors: from producers to designers, from communicators to consumers. This is why they select international designers with a strong and recognizable voice, work with the best Milanese creatives and supervise the production of the pieces to give life to relevant contents. The strength of the Creative Direction is the communication inherent in the project: from the branding, conceived together with Studio Temp, to the social profile, in which the works of different talents will converge, up to entirely local production to create valuable products. A value that is the result of many excellences and that is communicated in an honest, simple and informal way, a way they have called Vero.