A chat with Lex Pott

A chat with Lex Pott

Who is Lex Pott?

I am a Dutch product designer and I have my studio based in Rotterdam. In the studio I focus on materials and experimentation. We are very much hands on. I come from a family of artists. My father was a painter and my mother is a sculptor. That is where my fascination in the creative field originated. Currently my aim is to bring my designs to life and make them accessible to a larger audience. Almost the Bauhaus philosophy of democratic design.

What does inspire you?

My inspiration comes from work and studying. By analyzing daily life, my own routines and objects around me I really get the best ideas. In that sense the inspiration does not fly from the galaxy into my mind but relies on discipline and hands on work.

How would you describe your approach to materials?

Experimental and I try to play with material characteristics. This combined with industrial techniques leads to new outcomes. This also allows my deigns to be produced and have a new visual approach.

What is the concept of "edge banding”?

For the Drop table and Cross section table they both started from sheet material like plywood. Usually it's very straight forward. So by making the volume and silhouette almost fluid or liquid a new typology appears. This changes the visual impact of the product by making a volume from a flat surface yet give it a soft and sculptural volume. Regarding the cross section table I was inspired by cutting plywood under an angle. This way parts and pieces can be connected and show the material beauty in its core. The inside becomes a fundamental part of the design. The cross section forms a very graphical approach to working with plywood. I amplifies the contrast between the colored utilitarian surfaces and the cross section as a graphical representation of the construction.

Why did you choose to work with Vero?

I believe that Vero represents the new movement in Italian design. Sophisticated, refined, high quality and contemporary. The voice of Vero bridges the heritage of Italian design and makes it future proof by making outspoken timeless pieces. The combination of craft and aesthetics make Vero a true contemporary Italian ambassador fro contemporary design. The professional approach in every aspect. From concept to production to presentation. I feel blessed to be part of the new generation of Italian global design.

A chat with Lex Pott