A chat with Simple Flair

A chat with Simple Flair

Photo by Luca Caizzi

Simona and Riccardo, you are the creative directors of Vero, how does it feel?

On Thursday, April 7, 2022, we presented at riviera the project that has filled our working days and especially our thoughts over the past year. 
With Vero a new phase begins, we set out building this brand from scratch, defining name, vision, principles, selecting all the resources involved in its realization. We are now presenting a first drop of products with the involvement of designers from all over the world and some of the professionals we most respect, in every field of creativity. It's incredible. 

What are your ideas behind vero?

We thought of Vero as an incubator of talent, a place to establish a dialogue between all stakeholders, from manufacturers to designers, from communicators to consumers. Hence the choice of international designers and Italian excellences that can give life to meaningful objects, as well as the use of communication not only as an identifying element, but as an integral part of the brand.

That of Vero is an ambitious project: it wants to put experimentation and research back at the center, with a pioneering spirit; with this creative direction we want to develop a brand that does not have as its only output the collection of furniture but a reality capable of building a sense of belonging for its community. The goal is to be able to combine product quality, service offerings, and the ability to tell a story and intercept the needs of today's society.

We imagine that the world of design can be a reference for a more informal, concrete and sincere society. We would like Vero to contribute to this path by merging contemporary ideas with the most complex corporate systems to trace a new path for Italian and international design

How did you execute the choice of creatives involved?

Contributing to a change that you feel is necessary is possible when you have the right people on your side.  All the talents involved were chosen with the idea of building our "dream team" for Vero: the production, designers, graphic designers, photographers, consultants, suppliers, the team of simple flair, no one excluded. We are convinced that companies are made by the people in them and the values they share.

We worked for months on the selection of designers, with an initial shortlist of about two hundred names. 

For the final choice, we selected designers with different backgrounds, strong personalities, and distinctive design marks. We asked them to express themselves through Vero, to do what they had not yet been able to experiment with other brands. We asked them to tell their stories through a project.

What does it mean to create a new brand today?

To create a brand project today it is not enough to work on aesthetics, quality and values: it is necessary to give voice to a set of people and find a way to bring them together in new places and in new ways. Product quality, artistic expression and functionality are the essential and unfailing foundations. What needs to be designed is a new way of perceiving objects and their function, while feeling part of something with a greater value. Therefore, Vero finds a home in a neighborhood that is in turmoil and we will enliven it with many activities throughout the year


How important is the communication factor in this project?

Vero has already landed on Instagram anticipating, in part, its design DNA, which is also made up of communication. This project was born from this very premise for two reasons:

1. communication for the design industry, strategy development and digital creativity has been our work for ten years.

2. we believe it is precisely one of the gaps that needs to be filled in a field like furniture that has a long way to go to catch up with other sectors when it comes to communication, especially digital.

The turning point is not to conceive of a boundary between communication, product and corporate identity. Vero is meant to be an example of our working philosophy that a brand is itself a media and should not only respond to the needs of an industry but to the values of contemporary society.

A chat with Simple Flair
Photo by Luca Caizzi