A chat with Thomas Woltmann

A chat with Thomas Woltmann

Who is Thomas Woltmann?

Furniture and product designer, based in Copenhagen but originally from Vejle, Jutland. Thomas studied at Design Academy Eindhoven where he graduated in 2018. From his studio in Copenhagen Thomas designs his furniture and experiments with new and old materials, colors, and finishes. His furniture is characterized by their strict and sturdy forms, always with a meticulous attention to detail and finishes. Functionality and longevity are two important keywords to Thomas, his pieces must be functional and valuable to their users, and they must have the design and material quality to stand the test of time.

What does inspire you?

Inspiration often occurs to me when I’m in environments that are removed from my everyday work life. These can be cultural such as cities and museums, or in nature such as forests and trails. Often though, I look to the past for inspiration. I research materials, finishes or old crafts that are seldomly used. I find it very interesting how these can be merged with a contemporary design vision and become part of the future once again. A part of this fascination stems from my time working within furniture restoration, a deep admiration for the work of craftsmen and designers of the past was rooted here. Furthermore, I have a great respect of natural materials and the unique variety of textures, patterns and colors provided by the natural world. The exploration of this world remains a constant source of motivation for my design practice.

We know that you are based in Cph, we love that city, could you share with us some of your favorite spots?

I love the old smørrebrøds restaurants in Copenhagen such as Toldbod Bodega. I’m also a big fan of Palæ bar in the inner city. For a green spot I recommend Frederiksberg Have, a beautiful park within walking distance from my home. The inner harbor of Copenhagen is a lovely place to hang out in the summer, and the place to go for a swimming or fishing session. Just outside the city is the small old fishing village of Dragør, with charming, cobbled streets and the world’s best smoked shrimp.

What is your biggest passion, beside design? 

The piano has followed me throughout my life, playing it has always provided me with both peace and joy. I also love going out of the city for hikes or on my never-ending journey to catch a seat trout.

Why did you choose to work with Vero?

To me Vero is bold and energetic, a brand which is not afraid of expressive shapes and colors. There is an urge in Vero to create simple but charismatic products, but it in a way, that’s functional and accessible. A design approach that balances an experimental and pragmatic mindset. A mindset that I can reflect myself and my work in. And thus, I’m very happy and proud to be working with Vero.

A chat with Thomas Woltmann