A chat with ZAVEN

A chat with ZAVEN

Who are Zaven?

Zaven is a Venice-based design studio founded by Enrica Cavarzan and Marco Zavagno. Design is a universal language, we believe in communication, as a tool for growth and coexistence. We support the development of ideas and actions aimed at improving the quality of life, therefore we design and develop our language taking advantage of the experiences and teachings of the history of the discipline, trying to evolve them into what are the needs and requirements of the future. Our working method is based on research and collaboration. Starting from the knowledge and culture of the past, we collaborate with craftsmen to understand their techniques and invite them to push their skills and abilities to face new challenges and experiments, opening the possibilities to new ways of production.

What does inspire you?

We are most interested in understand and study research and languages developed by the artists, there is always so much to learn. But the truth is that we like to slide between disciplines, thinking everything really fluid. In each project we get inspiration from different worlds and we build bridges… Sometimes we produce little book containing these research that we give to the client as a sort of visual narration of the experience… Coming from different backgrounds our work is always reflecting a stratification of different input and visions. Conversation is the basis of our methodology: adding layers of ideas, research, knowledge to produce unique designs and concepts. We discuss allot, that’s for sure, but we don't have a precise place where we take inspiration or where we visualize it, even the paper where we sketch our notes is sometimes white, sometimes coloured… It's not the where but the moment and the daily attitude of trying to deepen anything that we see and read, that generate the inspiration that then resurfaces in every project we do.

Favourite "bacaro" in Venice?

We love to have aperitif with friends, you can find us at 'Enoteca Schiavi' or close to our home at 'Caco Nero'

Beside design, what is your greatest passion?

Marco listens to hip hop all day and loves cooking and spending time surrounded by cookbooks. Enrica is full of passions that turn on and off, she is now passionate about gardening and she has taken a small vegetable garden where she would like to spend all her time.

Your central pieces take inspiration from ice-cream, is that correct? Favourite flavour?

Yes, the Scoop collection was born from the idea of subtracting material starting from a net volume. We have this image in our mind of a bowl of ice cream hollowed out by a spoon, and we immediately find it’s name On this point we all agree that we love dark chocolate with pistachio and I believe almost all flavors of savory ice cream.

Why did you choose to work with Vero?

We immediately liked the energy of Vero and above all of the team of people who conceived and who are building the brand. It is a clear and fresh project, with a clear design poetics




A chat with ZAVEN