Vero at Riviera

Vero at Riviera

The pieces presented in Drop 1 have been exhibited at riviera creative space (via Gorani 4, Milan) from April 7th to May 6th 2022, from Monday to Friday 10AM—6PM.
The set-up consisted of a platform central to the space that held Vero's drop 1 pieces and displayed them from all angles. The graphic was developed in collaboration with studio temp and immediately identified the clear identity of Vero.
The atmosphere at the event was one of informality, collaboration, eagerness, and sharing of ideas. All values that Vero identifies with and wants to promote.

We have finally presented the first Drop of products that breathes transversal influences and invites Italian and international designers, such as CARA \ DAVIDE, Fredrik Paulsen, Marco Campardo, Natalia Criado, Federica Elmo, a617, to reinterpret them in a contemporary way.  Stools, bookcases, chairs, tables, trolleys, mirrors and magazine racks make-up the first Vero family.  Everyday objects thus take on an experimental and contemporary significance, characterized by a very high level of craftsmanship and complex workmanship, more pertinent to collectibles.  The result is a first drop made of pieces with an aesthetic that winks at collectible design but follows the logic of serial production. 


The creative direction worked for months on the selection of designers, with an initial shortlist of about two hundred names.  For the final choice, we selected designers with diverse backgrounds, strong personalities, and distinctive design marks.

We asked them to express themselves through Vero, to do what they had not yet been able to experiment with other brands. We asked them to tell their stories through a project.

 We can finally answer the question: what is Vero? Vero wants to transform homes into contemporary places with timeless, simple and honest products, contributing to a new era of Italian design.We create furniture and objects that become the manifesto of an informal and concrete community of people aimed at a positive future, reinventing local know-how with an international approach, as those who were present at riviera at the launch event.We aim to generate a branded lifestyle ecosystem; we identify communication as part of our DNA, to make a brand that is itself a media; we are designed for drop, with direct online sales and ready to order.Launching a brand during this historical period means greater awareness, concreteness and innovation.



Vero at Riviera
Words by GC Agency