Vero Store

Vero Store

Photo by Luca Caizzi and Michela Locci

On the occasion of Milan Design Week we proposed a pop-up experience in the space of Via Felice Casati 3, in Porta Venezia. The same location now becomes the brand's permanent home, at the center of a neighborhood with an informal and inclusive soul, perfectly in line with our intention.

The store is conceived as a versatile environment, always ready to accommodate different types of events by taking on the functions of a display space for the different collections, a meeting point for the community revolving around the brand, but also a center for cultural events and a platform for building collaborations and pop-ups. 

The store, designed by Simple Flair together with its team of architects and designers, is the image of Vero's soul, giving life to shapes and volumes that recall the domestic environment but increased in scale and revisited to take on new functions. Two showcases offer a glimpse into the space, which is completely paved in doormat. Two custom objects are inserted inside: a vertical element with a metallic effect finish that uses typical cabinet shapes to become a display and interactive surface, and a large multifunctional counter in yellow lacquered wood that recalls the lines of the kitchen. 

The unusual yet simple layout of the space reflects the brand's design intention, in search of a language that tells the story of contemporary living. "Vero continues to grow, experiment and take on new challenges. The natural step was to find an environment that could accommodate and materialize the brand's philosophy and research. Milan, the capital of design and home to an international creative community is the perfect place to host our home" shares founder Pasquale Apollonio.


                    Riccardo Crenna and Simona Flacco, Art Director of Vero


And so it is that our  new showroom was conceived precisely as a true home for the local and international community, where they can collaborate, ideate, share the same passion for design and live the brand's values. 

"We wanted to transform Vero's philosophy into a welcoming and familiar space. This desire guided the entire architectural project and was realized in the choice of colors, materials and shapes that speak of Vero's quest" say Simona Flacco and Riccardo Crenna. 

Vero Store
Photo by Luca Caizzi and Michela Locci Words by GC Agency