D1-MC-CT 01

Designed by: Marco Campardo, 2022

Product type: Stool

Product origin: Designed in London, made in Italy

Dimensions: L 36 x W 36 x H 45 H cm

Weight: 13

Features and materials: Selected Laminated fir wood, glued and cut at 45°.

Finishes: Protective matte patina

A project inspired by cross-laminated timber, often used as a structural building material. The structure of the designs is composed of copious glued layers of solid lumber, and the laminated block is then cut at a 45 degree angle. This final touch deceives the viewer: from the front, it looks like a simple square section; however, the top reveals the layers of lumber arranged diagonally. This optical illusion reveals the rich, carefully crafted design and complex production process. A transparent matt varnish emphasizes the construction of the stool.

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Please note: As true handmade and crafted objects, Vero’s products might present some imperfections and differences from one another; these are not flaws, but rather, distinctive and charming details that make each product unique.

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