D1-ST-P 01

Designed by: Studio Temp, 2022

Product type: Poster

Product origin: Designed in Bergamo, made in Italy

Dimensions: L 68 x H 98 cm

Weight: 0.2 kg

Features and materials: Paper

Finishes: -

The poster is one of the first items released by Vero and it was initially used for the launch communication campaign. That’s not made by accident, on the contrary this article represents the multifaceted aspects that live within the brand: what is true and what isn’t? The mirrored surface wants the viewer to question reality and its reflection while the white one stimulates a different reaction for the viewer, in a game of words and lights that feeds itself with irony and curiosity. That’s exactly what Studio Temp, the creative mind behind the item, had in mind: a duality act.

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Please note: As true handmade and crafted objects, Vero’s products might present some imperfections and differences from one another; these are not flaws, but rather, distinctive and charming details that make each product unique.

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