Scaled Denso Mirror

Designed by: Federica Elmo, 2023

Code: D1-FE-M

Product type: Mirror

Product origin: Designed in Milan, made in Italy

Dimensions: L 60 x W 60 x H 3 cm

Weight: 5.8 kg

Features and materials: Frame made of medium density wood fiber or solid wood. Extra clear glass supported by back panel in colored medium density wood fiber in black paste

Finishes: Super glossy lacquered finish

Starting from a thorough research on the hybridization of materials, the mirror reflects an emotional reaction applied to a surface, an exchange that turns into a liquid, fluid substance that loses its connotations while acquiring attractiveness and sensuality thanks to the technical treatment and the applied finish. The idea to break the frame into small elements, and give each of them attention, derives from the desire to recover processing waste, as this treatment facilitates the use of smaller pieces of wood in excess from production. The design of the interrupted frame, composed of six different elements, adds a semi-robotic element to the design, in strong contrast to the organic silhouette. The frame modules are reflected into the mirror and thus give life to a complex architecture completed by the multiplications of the same image. 

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