A chat with Marco Campardo

A chat with Marco Campardo

Who is Marco Campardo?

Marco is a designer and a dreamer that doesn't want to wake up. Sometimes he is also a teacher, trying to switch, in a very unpredictable way, the students’ way of seeing things.


What does inspire you?

Everything that somehow is “process driven” and that reflects knowledge of who has conceived it.


Where would you recommend me to go in London?

There are so many places in London that are interesting: for a walk far away from the pollution Hampstead Heath; for grocery and brunch Leila on Arnold Circus, for a Sunday roast Rochelle Canteen, both in Shoreditch; for a great sunset and a good glass of wine Forza Wine in Peckham; for cycling the Thames riverside route in the western Greenwich Peninsula. Art? South London Gallery. Design? Gallery FUMI. 


Beside design, what is your greatest passion? 

Fishing is definitely my greatest passion. Not only it is a type of meditation for me, but has also shaped my tactics for my business: instead of looking for the fish, I set all my equipment and I wait patiently until something or someone takes the bait.

Why did you choose to work with Vero?

It’s quite rare to find a company that completely trusts the designer and instead of giving them limitations, they are very supportive and keen to try things that apparently are difficult to achieve.


A chat with Marco Campardo

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