A chat with Sam Stewart

A chat with Sam Stewart

Who is Sam Stewart?

I’m designer and artist living and working in NYC. 

What does inspire you?

Mostly things that I notice when I’m walking around the city just looking around. I’d say most of my inspiration comes from the everyday. I don’t know what I would do in a place where I couldn’t walk. I probably wouldn’t have any ideas.

Three favourite spots in NY?

Café Sabarsky, Burp Castle, and the pier 42 tennis courts

Beside design, what is your greatest passion?

Playing tennis

What was the idea behind the two objects?

Both objects were derived from designs that I had made as one-off’s in my studio. ‘Mating Surface’ is really just a simple tool. It’s a rubber washer that comes into contact with an aluminum tube. ‘Leroy Table’ is also about how multiple surfaces and materials come into contact with each other—wood, rubber, aluminum. I think it’s an idea derived from my love road and bridge infrastructure. 

Why did you choose to work with Vero?

It just seemed light and fun. That’s how design should be. 

A chat with Sam Stewart