Vero at Milan Design Week 2023

Vero at Milan Design Week 2023

Photo by Matteo Bianchessi, Delfino Sisto Legnani

Vero is the young furniture brand, advocate of a new era of Italian design that believes in the values of informality and transparency. For this year’s Milan Design Week Vero hosts its community in the new store in Via Felice Casati 3, in the heart of Porta Venezia, and inhabits the multifunctional space CONVEY, at Basic Village in Via dell’Aprica 12.

Moving across the city, Vero’s drop 4 is an explosion of colors and creativity. New products and collaborations include: a new Storage Cabinet by a617Alex Proba’s pop and colorful style is showcased in Campi credenza and Fiore coat hanger; Anton Cabinet’s experimental proportion by Atelier AxoCassetta table mirror matched with the set of Bandiera chairs and table by BIG-GAME StudioLex Pott’s Cross Section Table and Drop Table and the Equilibrium Shelf by Studio NAVET. The existing collection is the stage for new experimentations with CARA\DAVIDE’s 45 Coffee Table, the scaled Denso mirror by Federica Elmo and new colors and Scoop ceramics by Zaven.


Vero at Convey, Milan Design Week 2023

 Vero Store, Milan Design week 2023


"Drop 4 is the expression of an accurate research for voices, in the international panorama of design, that best interpret and reflect Vero’s philosophy and intentions to create outstanding pieces that speak freely and honestly about contemporary living. We are proud of Vero’s collaborations; We want the brand’s family to keep on growing"

Simona Flacco and Riccardo Crenna, creative directors of Vero.   



Vero at Milan Design Week 2023
Photo by Matteo Bianchessi, Delfino Sisto Legnani Words by GC Agency