Designed by: BIG-GAME, 2023

Code: D4-BIG-MT

Product type: Table Mirror

Product origin: Designed in Lausanne, made in Italy

Dimensions: L 15 x W 9 x H 32 cm

Weight: 1.1 kg

Features and materials: Birch

Finishes: Various

This tabletop mirror framed in a wooden box is the essential accessory for everyday rituals. Designed to sit at a comfortable angle to reflect one’s face. Shaped by geometric lines, the object is composed of a small storage section in the back, perfect for make-up or contact lenses neatly hidden away. Cassetta is made of plywood and its compact proportions enable it to be moved around and fit in every space, a bathroom countertop, a work desk, or a living room table. Just as BIG-GAME studio, this tabletop mirror is simple, functional and optimistic. 

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Please note: As true handmade and crafted objects, Vero’s products might present some imperfections and differences from one another; these are not flaws, but rather, distinctive and charming details that make each product unique.

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