Vero at Milan Design Week 2024

Vero at Milan Design Week 2024


For this year's Milan Design Week Vero hosts its community in the brand’s store in Via Felice Casati 3, in the heart of Porta Venezia, the multifunctional space Conveyin Via Dell'Aprica 12, and the collective exhibition House of Switzerland, at Casa degli Artisti in Corso Garibaldi 89/A, Via Tommaso da Cazzaniga. Moving across the city, Vero's Drop 5 unveils its first ever outdoor collection, as part of the new launches. New products and collaborations include: the new Hongkong collection by Hannes & Fritz, featuring a chair, a stool, two tables and a bench; Jamie Wolfond's Woven Bookshelves and the Wave Stool and Wave Bench by Thomas Woltmann. 


The Store’s new disposition, present the newest Woven Bookshelves by Jamie Wolfond and the Wave Stool and bench by Thomas Woltmann, creating a warm and domestic environment, and remaining coherent with the brand’s intention to offer a home for creatives and people that moves around the design community.

  Vero Store, Milan design week 2024

 At Convey, Vero will present its new and first outdoor collection Hongkong confirming, for the second year in a row, the brand's presence in the multifunctional space at Basic Village. The dynamic layout will allow the visitors to experience and enjoy the simple yet functional design of the new stool, bench, chair and tables designed by Hannes & Fritz, in a setting that invites its community to collaborate, think and share the same passion for design and live the brand’s values.

  Vero at Convey, Milan design week 2024


This year, Vero expands its presence and finds home in a third location. The new Hongkong collection infact, will be presented also in a fresh venue: House of Switzerland. With the exhibition ”The joy of being outside" the Swiss-German duo Hannes & Fritz unveil their latest Hongkong collection, side by side with new collaborations with other brands, allowing visitors a moment of conviviality and joy as they convene outside. With fresh air, sun, the scents of Spring and the sound of glasses clinking and laughter, the duo brings people together in an outdoor environment as a reminder that good design can facilitate joyful moments. 

  Vero at House of Switzerland, Milan design week 2024 


Vero at Milan Design Week 2024