A chat with Federica Elmo

A chat with Federica Elmo

Who is Federica Elmo?

I am a Roman designer living and working in Milan. I’m a restless soul and i like to explore different areas of creativity… “doing” in all its facets is my drive.

What does inspire you?

My inspiration comes from observing reality and exploring new places, i also love thrift shops where i buy objects and reinvent them ...but inspiration comes from everywhere. My attention is mainly captured by man-made "things", from architecture to music or cuisine, which are all expressions of genius and beauty. However, I like working on briefs because I love problem solving.

What do you like most about Italy?

I like the variety in the landscape and in the human expressions, the richness on inventive from craft to food. I adore a particular Italian innate propensity to beauty, which may equally be exhibited in its polar opposite, such as bad lighting in a restaurant…  Italy is full of contrasts, which I'm learning to appreciate as I get older, then of course, there’s a lot of things I wish were different.

Beside design, what is your greatest passion?

If we consider diverse fields of design, such as fashion and interior design included, my other big passion is food.  I love to cook, shape food and blending flavours. 

 When did the idea for the mirror come about?

I was on holiday in Puglia, in Grottaglie, where I visited some artisans. My original idea was to make a ceramic mirror, but when I saw the Vero factory ability to transform wood, I decided to use a deep lacquer to transform production offcuts into something special. The finish inspired the shape, which I wanted to be as liquid as possible.

Why did you choose to work with Vero?

I was immediately drawn to the project. Combining high know-how with a new approach, both on the curatorial aspect and the business model, sounded wonderful to me. When something new and original happens in Italy, it makes me enthusiast!

A chat with Federica Elmo